Over the years Savim has developed a wide range of properties. The company’s portfolio includes projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. As regards their residential properties, Savim has constructed starter homes, holiday homes, large public housing complexes and villas at the seaside and in the mountains.

Every stage in the project is studied in detail, starting with market research and economic analysis, to ensure the end product provides the best solution for the demand.

Savim is currently focussing its attention on the Brazilian market where it has invested in recent years, recording excellent sales results even during the construction phase.


Palazzo Barro Vermelho

Barro Vermelho - Natal (RN) - Brazil

Rua Doutor José Bezerra, nº 70 – CEP: 59022-120

This building is the largest of its kind in Natal: it is 93 metres high and houses 120 flats of different kinds.

This property is a stylish, sophisticated “closed” vertical apartment building, the ideal starter home strategically placed near the main roads of the city but in a quiet internal road, enjoying outstanding noise and thermal insulation. (…)

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Residencial Morabem

Passagem de Areia – Parnamirim (RN) - Brazil

Rua Luiza Maria Conceição Santiago, nº 450 – CEP: 59145-060

This is the first time a project of this kind has been seen in the centre of Parnamirim (Brazil): a “closed” horizontal apartment building featuring exceptional comfort, convenience and safety with 8 six-storey tower buildings with lifts housing 480 flats.

The leisure area offers a number of facilities for adults and children alike, while security is guaranteed 24/7. This project is part of the “Minha Casa Minha Vida” scheme to help buyers purchase their first home.

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Residence Colle S. Lucia

Colle Santa Lucia - Belluno (Italy)

Via Varazza, 32020 Colle S. Lucia – Belluno

Savim is planning a new property in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, located on the top of a hill between Monte Civetta and Monte Pelmo, with breathtaking views so the residents can enjoy stunning, relaxing scenery.

This residential centre will be the perfect base for winter sports, as it is within easy reach of the Monte Civetta ski district. The property, which has been designed with the holiday market in mind, will be divided into three characteristic buildings, each with six flats and built in the typical mountain style.

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Hotel Parlament
Budapest (HU)


Hotel Palazzo Zichy
Budapest (HU)

Hotel Palazzo Zichy - Budapest ( HU )

Bologna (ITA)

Savhotel - Bologna ( ITA )

Corte dei Cordami
Venice (ITA)

Corte dei Cordami - Giudecca, Venezia ( ITA )

Villaggio al Parco
Trichiana (ITA)

Villaggio al Parco - Trichiana, Belluno ( ITA )

Residence Contra’ delle Grazie
S. Maria delle Grazie (ITA)

Residence Contra’ delle Grazie - S.Maria delle Grazie ( ITA )

Villaggio Carolina
Cordignano (ITA)


Villaggio Margherita
Belluno (ITA)

Villaggio Margherita a Levego - Belluno

Green Life Mor Gouveia
Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, Natal (BRA)


Villaggio Venezia
Pirangi do Norte, Parnamirim (BRA)